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If you are just getting started with plants, or you just want them to make your house a little prettier and cozier but don't want to have to stress over keeping them alive, Sansevierias are for you. Often called Snake Plants (and sometimes mother-in-law's tongue), these guys are super easy to care for and really stunning plants. 

What a lot of people DON'T realize is that there are tons of varieties. Not all snake plants get super tall, even though those are the ones you see the most. The "bird nest" style snake plants, typically called 'Hahnii', are low rosettes that get nice and full but not tall. The more common 'Laurentii' and 'Black Coral' are taller varieties, getting up to 3-4' tall, with beautiful watercolor-like markings. Some are deep green with silver markings, some have a yellow-gold edge, and then there are newer varieties with medium height and wider leaves in varying shades like 'Moonshine' and 'La Rubia'. My new favorite is a pale green and silver tall stunner called 'Sayuri'.

Whichever varieties you go for, the care is the same for all and couldn't be easier. Sansevieria can tolerate almost any level of light and are happiest being on the dry side so don't need to be watered often. Although any plant can end up with pests, Sansevieria aren't a huge magnet for most common house plant pests and are very resilient so typically easy to treat if pests or disease become an issue. Overwatering can make them droopy with leaves often flopping over so if you notice this happening, changing out the soil is the best bet for avoiding full-on rot issues.

We love these guys so much...they are the perfect gift plant as little-to-no experience or special conditions are needed to keep them alive...we almost always have several varieties and sizes in store.