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You'll Never Want to Take These Off

You'll Never Want to Take These Off
If you haven't heard, late last year we decided to add clothing to our mix of curated lifestyle goods. Since we started out with the intention of being a plant and flower shop, this may seem like a stretch. we have continued to grow into what we are today, we have become a local favorite gift shop for so many people in addition to shipping our beautiful goods all over the country. In doing so, we've been listening to our customers and have loved every step of becoming a one-stop-shop for things that are both extremely stylish and beautiful and ALSO practical and useful. And, our clothing is no exception.
We've started with a handful of pieces that can either make up a capsule wardrobe - there is something for just about any, weekends, casual and a little dressy - OR pieces that can be your go-to special clothes.
I've always struggled a bit with wanting to be comfortable but also loving opportunities to look and (more importantly) feel cute in my every day clothes. That's why our inaugural collection is - in no special order:
- very comfortable
- super cute and stylish
- well-made
- well-priced.
These were the criteria and we couldn't be more happy with the results. 
The feedback in store and online has been amazing so far. We are excited for the possibilities as we continue to expand this aspect of our shop and can't wait for you to try them all out.