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922 Plant Club

  • $25.00

Community has always been a huge part of Nine Twenty-Two and we are taking it next level! We've created the Plant Club at Nine Twenty-Two as a way to give our loyal customers a little something extra and create a community within our 922 family.

Plant Club includes:

• A 1-year subscription that can auto renew with a reminder email one week before or choose one-time purchase (best for gifts).

• 20% off ALL plants, ALWAYS throughout your membership (keep in mind..we do not ship plants)

• 10% off plant accessories (includes pots and planters, watering cans, plant hangers and plant care items)

• A sneak peek email that only goes to Plant Club members with every new shipment. Be the first to know what we get!

• Occasional specials, events or additional discounts exclusive to plant club members such as discounts on bestsellers, Bring a Friend day to share your discount, etc.

Membership is $25 for 1 year, valid from the day you buy it (you can use it right after purchase) for one year. Memberships that auto renew will receive an email prior to renewal and have the option to cancel. Memberships are NOT REFUNDABLE or transferable and Plant Club discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. We do not ship plants. *To give a Plant Club membership as a gift, please let us know at the bottom of the cart under "add a note for the seller".

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$25.00 USD
$25.00 USD

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.

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