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Maven Theory Candle

  • $50.00

There are very few lines we carry in which we carry EVERY scent they make but Maven Theory breaks that rule...they are that good. And it doesn't hurt that they are in nearby Richmond AND women-owned.

Started by Bethany and Meg, friends and self-proclaimed vegetarian Virgos who love horror movies, they created Maven Theory to offer handmade, luxury fragrances and candles that prioritize environmental and social responsibility, without compromising on style or experience. They donate a portion from every candle sale to a charity that is connected with the area the candle represents AND promise to provide the highest possible value (heyy, larger-than-normal luxe candle sizes and nontoxic fragrances that last), to communicate with honesty and transparency, and to show their genuine appreciation for your support.

Wax: 100% natural soy wax produced from US grown soybeans
Wicks: flat cotton wick braided with thin paper threads
Oils: a blend of essential oils and nontoxic fragrance oils 
Candle Burn Time—60 hours


Key aromas: cedarwood, amber, neroli, balsam and patchouli
Your nose might also pick up notes of leather, clove, cinnamon, and citrus.

We donate 2% of each purchase of this product to The Racial Justice Coalition (RJC), a grassroots-led coalition of individuals and organizations committed to addressing systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence against Black people and those most impacted by poverty, criminalization, and mass incarceration. Based in Asheville, North Carolina. 



Key aromas: cannabis, sage, cedar, agarwood, and amber
Your nose might also pick up notes of melon, black tea and musk

We donate 2% of each purchase of this product to the Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network (RMMAN), a fully volunteer-run mutual aid group that delivers groceries every week to households with individuals who are disabled, immunocompromised, 65 or over, and/or lacking access to safe transportation to food banks. Based in Denver, Colorado. 


Joshua Tree:

Key aromas: pink pepper, juniper, vetiver and patchouli
Your nose might also pick of notes of clove, sandalwood, lavender and amber

We donate 2% of each purchase of this product to The Native American Land Conservancy (NALC), an organization that protects and restores sacred sites and areas, provides educational programming for Native American youth and the general public, and conducts scientific studies on cultural, biological, and historical resources on sacred lands. Based in Banning, California, an area located outside of Joshua Tree National Park. 


Palm Springs:

Key aromas: cucumber, sweetgrass, jasmine and bluebell 
Your nose might also pick up notes of bamboo, matcha, musk, and lemon.

We donate 2% of each purchase of this product to Palm Community Fridge, a fully volunteer-run mutual aid group that provides free food, sanitary items, clothing, and other necessities to their community. Based in Palms, Los Angeles, an area located outside of Palm Springs. 



Key aromas: gardenia, tobacco, grapefruit and cannabis
Your nose might also pick of notes of sandalwood, vanilla, rhubarb, agarwood and smoke

We donate 2% of each purchase of this product to Mutual Aid Distribution Richmond (MAD RVA),  a network of volunteer community members and organizations collaborating to establish a holistic support system for the local community. They achieve this through volunteer-led programs and the redistribution of goods and funds, ensuring access to essentials such as food, clothing, baby items, first aid supplies, hygiene products, and more. Recently, MAD RVA organized and opened the Meadowbridge Community Market, a free community market made possible through mutual aid, personal donations, and community care. Based in Richmond, VA. 



Key aromas: amber, cedarwood, rose and juicy plum
Your nose might also pick of notes of peppercorn, vanilla, cumin and grapefruit

We donate 2% of each purchase of this product to 912 Mutual Aid Fund, a mutual aid organization that provides financial relief for residents’ bail, legal and immigration fees, as well uplifts the livelihood of Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color in through mutual aid, which includes non-carceral, community-based and local-led support, access to essential items, wealth redistribution, and paying reparations. Based in Savannah, Georgia. 



Key aromas: sweet plantain, sea salt, ylang ylang and vanilla bean flan
Your nose might also pick of notes of melon, gardenia, peach, musk and jasmine.

We donate 2% of each purchase of this product to Fondo Semillas, a feminist fund in Mexico that provides resources to organizations, networks, and collectives that support girls, women, trans* and intersex people. Their programs and resources support bodily autonomy, environmental activism, work equality and labor rights, and the freedom of people to self-identify and express their identity without discrimination. Currently they support 143 organizations across the country. Based in Mexico.