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Mikayla Pot

  • $24.00

Becky's all-time favorite pot! Like a favorite pair of jeans, this pot never gets old. The sleek, modern shape holds just a little more than most pots, helping your plants to thrive. with a little extra elbow room.  The top half is matte, unfinished concrete and the bottom is dipped in a bright white paint. We say grab 2 or 3 because you're going to love this pot.

*Note: Most of our smaller pots are meant for indoor use with house plants and therefore, do not have a drainage hole. This allows you to place them on household furnishings and water them in place. Because of this, we include a small bag of gravel with each pot and recommend placing a thin layer of gravel in the bottom prior to planting to ensure drainage for your plants.

medium 6.75"x5.25"

large 9.5"x8"