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Private Workshops, March + April 2022

  • $210.00

HortiCulture Design Co. is happy to be able to offer these in both locations on various dates. (Sorry, these are in-store locally only!) The workshop options are:

Spring Flower Arrangement...we'll teach your our easy process for creating garden-style flower arrangements with some of the prettiest, colorful seasonal Spring blooms. Includes instructions, flowers, vase and the use of clippers. $59 per person

Succulent Garden...make an adorable succulent garden in one of our most popular pots. Can be placed in a bright spot indoors or outside for much of the year. Also makes a great gift! Includes instructions, 4 succulents of your choice, potting mix, sand and/or gravel for topping, use of tools and care instructions. $42 per person

NOTE: You will pay a $210 registration fee to book the workshop. This will be applied to your workshop registration and holds your date for your group. We will contact you by email shortly after you register to verify how many people you expect to have and which workshop you'd like to do. Any remainder due (your total less your booking fee) will be invoiced and you can pay online in advance or upon arrival.

Here's how it works:

1. Pick your date and location from the available options. Private Workshops must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. If there is a date or time you are interested in that is not on our list, send us an email and we'll see if we can accommodate. Please keep in mind, most Saturdays, Friday afternoons, and many holidays are typically not available.

2. We require a minimum of 5 people to book a private workshop and can fit up to 9 people in Virginia Beach, 20 in Norfolk. Your booking fee holds the date/location for you and is, therefore, not refundable once booked. (Should you have extenuating circumstances, we will do our best to work with you to reschedule, however, supplies will be ordered 3 days prior, so after that point, dates cannot be changed.) Due to limited space, everyone who attends must be registered.

3. We provide bottled and sparkling water and you may bring your own beverages also. No food is permitted aside from a small treat for celebrations, such as birthday cupcakes. 

4. Workshops are up to 1 hour and will start and end promptly at the time they are scheduled. This is typically plenty of time to complete your workshop and have a bit of time for private shopping.