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Ranger Station Candles

  • $39.00

Absolutely amazing scents that are hard to get enough of, in a whiskey rocks glass that can be cleaned and used when the candle burns down. The groovy logo, black packaging and included matches make it a whole gift in a box. The scents smell like a decadent and coveted men's cologne that are masculine enough for the guys but the ladies would want to wear.

Lumberjack - Leather, woods, fire, juniper and cedarwood. A celebration of cooler weather that comes in Autumn with all the comfort of a broken-in flannel shirt and warmth of a wooden pipe and glass of whiskey beside a fireplace.

Leather + Pine - Leather, ambrox, pine sap, moss, churned earth and blue musk. Their original scent inspired by time spent exploring coniferous forests of the Minnesota North Woods.

Old Fashioned - Oak barrels, demerara sugar, lemon and orange...with a rich body, sweetness, citrus, charred oak. This candle smells like the process of crafting a perfect Old Fashioned.

8 oz. premium soy wax blend, hand-poured and packaged in Nashville, TN, 40+ hour burn time