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Smart Glass Periwinkle Double Necklace

  • $86.00

Drink it. Wear it. Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry is one of the nation's leading sustainable accessory brands with an entire line of fashion jewelry made from post-consumer beverage bottles. You won't believe how beautiful a beer bottle can be! Kathleen Plate, the talented artist behind Smart Glass Jewelry, has always loved to create beautiful things. Her creative passion was inspired in part by a childhood spent working on projects with her mother who taught her how to solder and work with stained glass. Smart Glass Jewelry was born while Kathleen was in graduate school working on a Master’s in American Literature. Kathleen needed a gift for a friend’s birthday so she made a pair of earrings out of glass. Her friends raved so she decided to take her product to local festivals and craft shows. The move proved to be a promising start for the unknown artist. Today Kathleen works with retailers both large and small, spreading the joy of transforming post-consumer bottles into affordable wearable works of art. She has been approached by companies such as Aveda and Coca-Cola requesting she transform their packaging into jewelry, and has also been commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum to create a light fixture for them using her unique studio technique.

This double necklace features two glass circles in periwinkle from a sake bottle and antique clear from a Coca-Cola bottle that fall from 18 inches of heavy silver chain. Adjustable shorter. Patented.