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Taco Loco

  • $35.00

Taco Loco is packed with authentic recipes for making Mexican street food from scratch. Accented by gorgeous photography that transports you into the world in which Jonas Cramby was inspired to create the book. Cramby says "To travel to Mexico and eat only at the tourist resorts and beach restaurants is a bit like visiting the Lourve just to admire the no-smoking signs."

Explaining that "it's more about care and flavour balance than expensive ingredients", Cramby's recipes are his attempt at helping others recreate his soulful street food favorites at home. He opens the book explaining how to find the best local spots and ends it with a touching tale of his experience of celebrating Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca and the fokelore behind it all.

Some of my favorite recipes:

• fresh salsa, guacamole and quesos y crema

• Tlayudas - charcoal-grilled corn dough pizzas

• Elotes - whole grilled corn on the cob with queso fresco

• Taco de Carnitas

• Paletas - various flavors of ice pops (lime, caramel goat milk & hibiscus...yum)

• Churros & Cafe de Olla