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Botanica Travel Parfum

  • $36.00

We have loved Botanica candles and incense since the first days we we opened our shop and these perfumes are just as popular. We tried East Coast first and sold out twice in the first month! We then had to try West Coast and it's also here to stay. If you like intense, sexy scents, East Coast is for you. If you love earthy, more masculine scents, you'll be hooked on West Coast.

East Coast- Botanica's first ever body fragrance with the intent to make the classical base note of nearly every perfume known to man –ambroxan– the leading role. Ambroxan is the molecule that gives ambergris it’s natural, sought-after scent. They added truly fresh, green florals, sea salt & sea kelp, and a whiff of light musk to lend a creamy finish. East Coast rings like a classic beauty–wind whipped, effervescent, and mellow-edged. Notes: Amber, Iris, Sea Salt, Musk

West Coast- the cool, older brother to East Coast, also formulated with Ambroxan with added deep woodsy greens like red cedar and juniper, with notes of sea salt, musk & peppercorn. West Coast is dramatic, luminous, and rugged– like the sweeping Pacific coast we know and adore. Notes: Amber, Cedar, Peppercorn, Musk.

Spritz on wet skin for the strongest, longest lasting fragrance.

INGREDIENTS: Denat. Alcohol, Fragrance/Parfum, Water/Aqua/Eau

BENEFITTING SurfRider Foundation • 10 ML, .34 OZ.